Why Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Be Beneficial

DUI and drug charges are often connected. They are usually the same charge, but they do mean different things. The DUI is a criminal offense that involves driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the drug charge is illegal possession of certain drugs that have a high potential for impairment. If you have been charged with either, it is important to know the difference between these two criminal charges.

Both drug charges and DUI are misdemeanors. When a person is convicted of a DUI, the judge can suspend their license to drive for a period of time up to a year. Drug charges include possession of a controlled substance that has the potential for impairment in a controlled environment. The use of an illegal drug will have a similar result on the driver, even if they don’t have a previous conviction.

The drug charges are generally taken less seriously than the DUI. However, if a person is involved in a DUI and is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the penalty can be much worse. The penalties are harsher for those who were found to be under the influence of drugs.

The main difference between DUI and drug charges is how the law classifies the controlled substances. Certain substances will be classified as illegal drugs. The possession of these substances is illegal in most cases. It can result in increased penalties, and it will not go away simply because the person stops using the substance. These types of penalties will usually stay in effect for a year after the first conviction.

For people who are involved in a DUI and drug charges, the penalties might not be as severe. A court can place a higher fine and longer jail sentence on the offender. Some penalties can even have a longer period of time to serve in jail. If the offender has a prior DUI or drug charge, the penalty can be harsh, and it will still be on their record for a year after the sentence is over.

There are exceptions to the rules regarding the penalties for drug charges. The judge can reduce the jail sentence for repeat offenders. The judge can also allow the offender to serve the portion of the sentence that they served in jail. If the judge decides to reduce the sentence, then it will not affect the suspension of their license.

The social safety net that all Americans rely on is often effected by drug convictions. Insurance companies will refuse to cover DUI cases, and employers are not obligated to hire former offenders to work for them. The stigma attached to having a DUI conviction is so strong that some employers will not hire anyone with a DUI or drug charge.

If you have been charged with either DUI or drug charges, it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. It is important to hire a lawyer who has handled these types of cases before. In some states, you can request a preliminary hearing before the court date, which is to allow the lawyer to meet the person involved and determine whether they are suitable for representation, or not.